WMU Student from Grand Rapids is Stuck in China During Coronavirus Outbreak
A senior at Western Michigan University has no idea when he gets to come back home. WDIV in Detroit spoke with Dylan Tullett who is in a village in China and stuck there for the meantime due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Tullet, a native of Grand Rapids, traveled to Beijing, before the outbreak happened, to study Mandarin...
High School Student Creates A Particle That Could Revolutionize Cancer Treatments
I love this hope filled story! A 17 year old high school student has developed a particle that could literally  change how cancer treatments are administered.  She compares it to Swiss Army Knife precision. Angela Zhang, from California, is only 17 years old but has already taken top honors at the Siemens Foundation's annual high school science competition.   Her prize?  A $100,000 dollar scholars