I love this hope filled story!

A 17 year old high school student has developed a particle that could literally  change how cancer treatments are administered.  She compares it to Swiss Army Knife precision. Angela Zhang, from California, is only 17 years old but has already taken top honors at the Siemens Foundation's annual high school science competition.   Her prize?  A $100,000 dollar scholarship!  By the way, Angela was the only female finalist in the Siemens competition too!

Kind of interesting where Angela and her partner got their inspiration for this revolutionary "particle."  They got the idea from video game technology!  The kind of technology that is normally used to track a person's movements, if you're a gamer, you know the kind!  It's technology from those fitness, dance, sporting type games.  Amazing!  The future is in good hands with thinkers like Angela!

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