Successful Diet Stories In Grand Rapids [VIDEO]
Andy and I were talking diets on WTRV this week. Everyone has their idea on what works and does not. I have a friend who is always on whatever fad diet is making the rounds. No-carb, Southbeach, etc....everyone has a story. Me, I had fantastic results with MMPC -- now Spectrum Health -- Weight Management...
American Burgers Hit Japan
The McDonald's Japan "Big America 2" campaign kicked off last week.  Four new hamburgers are being introduced to give the Japanese people a taste of The States.
We’re not very healthy!
On our show this morning, Chuck and I talked about the "healthy states" ranking just out and that Michigan is 30th out of 50 states, and in the top 10 for most obese states.  UGH!  What can we do?  GET MORE SLEEP!
Breathing Issues
Thanks to all who have wished me well and improved health as I struggle thru my usual breathing issues.  All I can say is thank you to Spectrum Health for rushing me into treatment early Wednesday morning.      A lot of it has to do with being 100 percent compliant with my asthma meds...