Andy and I were talking diets on WTRV this week. Everyone has their idea on what works and does not. I have a friend who is always on whatever fad diet is making the rounds. No-carb, Southbeach, etc....everyone has a story. Me, I had fantastic results with MMPC -- now Spectrum Health -- Weight Management. Just by eating the food they gave me, I lost 30 pounds in three months. It couldn't have been any easier than that. That, and a sensible amount of exercise which comes easy for me. Do you have a diet success story?


When it comes to diets, Jenny Craig scores big. A new report from Consumer Reports Health ranks Jenny Craig at the top of seven leading diets. It received 85 points from researchers. They based their overall scores on following the 2010 U.S. Dietary Guidelines and results of clinical studies that looked into the long-and-short term weight loss and drop out rates among diets. Slim-Fast scored 63 points for second place. Weight Watchers is ranked third with 57 points.

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