Happy New Year!

Just in time for some New Year resolutions! And, it seems that most of us will say, get in better shape, and lose some weight.

That's been an age-old resolution, that old weight loss thing. But, I'm hear to tell you, whatever you do to lose those extra pounds, don't try these.

I found this article on the Thrillist website, but these probably won't help because they are some of the worst diet fads in the history of man:

The Cigarette Diet - Back in the early 1900s, cigarette companies marketed themselves as appetite suppressors.
The Chew, Chew Diet - A fad diet, popularized in the 19th century, involved chewing your food dozens of times until it turned into liquid. Sounds like a lot of work.
The Sleeping Beauty Diet - All you had to do was be put to sleep -- with the help of chemicals -- for days at a time. You skipped meals while you were sleeping.
The Tapeworm Diet - Step 1: Insert tape worm in mouth. Step 2: Swallow tapeworm. Step 3: Eat anything you want, because the tapeworm will eat it for you, inside you. Step 4: Try not to die.
The Cotton Ball Diet - Believe it or not, people are actually still doing this now. They’re eating cotton balls plain, or dipping them in orange juice, lemonade or barbecue sauce (for a kick). Those cotton balls are supposedly -- maybe? -- making people feel full, and stopping those people from eating a bunch of candy bars and pizza.

Yuck! It's probably a better idea to check with your doctor and do it the right way. Good Luck!

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