Happy New Year!

The holidays were fun, but....now.....it's Back to reality!

There is a beauty of having the holidays off.  It's a chance to relax...sort of...to be with family and friends.  It goes by too quickly, but it did become a wonderful R&R period.  Now, back to work, and the hopeful start of a new year.

New Year's resolutions are that "hopeful" part of our start.  We resolve to be better, do better, lose weight, get healthy, etc.  The truth of it is that it's darn tough to stick to those resolutions, especially the "health" piece.

In the fitness industry they call this 'Black January', because joining a gym is the most popular New Year's resolution.  This month gyms are bracing themselves for an onsaught of new recruits.  It's their biggest cash infusion of the year.  However, by February, around 30% of us won't even manage 1 weekly visit to the gym and, within a year, 40% will have ditched their gym membership altogether.

We need help, right?  Okay, here are some ideas on 'how-to-stick-to-your-resolutions' from eHow.com.

1.  Be specific!  Don't just say, "I want to lose weight."  Set a realistic goal.

2.  Limit your resolutions.  Best to one thing well that several poorly.

3.  Post your resolutions in a visible place so you're reminded.

Follow my link to eHow.com for the complete guide, and, GOOD LUCK IN 2012!