Good news if you've been missing hitting the gym the last five months as they've been closed during the pandemic.

According to the Detroit Free Press, it looks like Governor Whitmer is going to relax restrictions on gyms or fitness centers, theaters, ice rinks and bowling alleys, along with other facilities that are in the same category just after the Labor Day weekend. They say the announcement to reopen the facilities could happen Wednesday of this week.

Of course, we had hoped that all those places would reopen just after the Fourth of July, but because positive COVID-19 cases spiked soon after, the governor kept those facilities closed. Unfortunately, Detroit Free Press, says that the announcement to open could be delayed or could suddenly change if people become too relaxed with social distancing and wearing a mask during the last holiday weekend of the summer.

Detroit Free Press says that it's still unknown if people would have to wear a mask when working out at gyms when they reopen, but employees will probably be required to wear them. The rules across the U.S. have varied on gyms that have reopened - some require people working out to wear a mask and some say only when you're coming or going, or when moving around the gym.  Currently, in Michigan, everyone in an indoor public space is supposed to have a mask on.

As for movie theaters, back on August 24th the National Association of Theater Owners released a reopening protocol known as CinemaSafe, which gives rules that theaters will be following no matter what, as they don't want to be stigmatized as a COVID-19 virus spreader. Not all companies agreed to participate but over 300 theater owners were going to follow the CinemaSafe protocols.

We shall see at some point this week, maybe as early as Wednesday, if we're going to get a few more choices of how to spend our time, especially as summer ends and being indoors more will definitely be a thing.

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