When the city switched over to MOTU it became a bit of a pain in the @$$ because, at one point, you’d think you had paid, but then you came back to the car to find a ticket on your windshield.

That problem seems to be fixed now, so the app update for MOTU that happened on Wednesday according to WOODTV, should make parking in Grand Rapids a little less aggravating. (?)

I’m not completely sold on my last statement, but as WOODTV reports, the MOTU app will now let users pay by the minute, restart your sessions, extend your time or end your parking at any time.  Another helpful update is you will now receive an alert when your parking session expires.

I’m glad the update happened, I used the app today, and it seems more user-friendly.  I just wish the city would have made sure it was really ready to roll out back in June…instead of using the whole city metered parking as your guinea pig. Sometimes waiting a little bit or testing it out in a small area isn’t such a bad idea.

You can get the MOTU app in either app store for free.



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