Join me tonight, Sunday evening, 7-9pm EST for Faith Hope and Love Songs on 100.5 The River.  Listen online too! Sunday, I will be honoring Betty Ford in my own little way and with poignant memories shared by her son Steve from the memorial service at Grace Episcopal Church in East Grand Rapids.  Over the past week or so if you've listened to me on the radio you've learned that I have always admired Betty Ford, long before I moved to GR!  I admired her independence, her spunkiness, and her raw honesty in every interview I've ever watched.  I think that's why so many people keep saying how much they loved her.  She was respected; respected for what she believed in and how she lived her life.  Listening to friends, family and even the people who throughout her lifetime, gave us a glimpse into Betty Ford the mother, the wife and the loyal friend.  There were no pretenses about her; she was real and raw.  I imagine she also wanted that from whoever she was connecting with at the moment.  Whether you agreed with her or you disagreed with her, you just had to respect Betty and her conviction.   She changed lives.  So many of us hope that maybe in our lifetime we could do the same.  Maybe we too can affect people and do more than just use up air and take up space.  Betty Ford walked the talk.  Betty believed that God used her to affect the kind of change she did on planet earth and the world is a better place because of her.  God Speed Betty...your boyfriend is waiting for you!  (Betty affectionately referred to her husband Gerald Ford as her boyfriend.  In recent years she would ask her children "When are you going to let me go be with my boyfriend?")  Her prayer has finally been answered.