Weekend Box Office Report: Welcome to Week 2 of Pennywise’s Reign
It’s now been two weekends since Pennywise the Dancing Clown was unleashed upon unsuspecting audiences, and Hollywood may never be the same. Seriously. The kind of box office numbers we’re seeing right now will inspire, uh, major changes in how Hollywood tries to jump on specific trends. And while two new movies made a sort of solid showing for themselves over the weekend, the fact is this: it’s Pennywise’s world. We’re just living in it. Here’s the box office projections as of Sunday afternoon:
Woman Uses Halloween Costume to Tell Husband She’s Pregnant [Video]
After trying for nearly a year to get pregnant, YouTube user Leslie A. took a pregnancy test one day and "voila!" it had finally happened. She knew she needed to come up with a clever way to tell her husband, so she decided to show off her new Halloween costume - a skeleton shirt with a little baby skeleton over the stomach (how cute is that, by the way?)!
Mother of Sandy Hook Victim Writes Powerful Letter to Teachers
The mother of one of the 26 victims of 2012's Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre has written a powerful letter to the teachers of America. Nebla Marquez-Greene had two children attending Sandy Hook Elementary that day. Her daughter, 6-year-old Ana Grace, was killed in the Connecticut massacre, and her son was uninjured in the attack. Her letter, which was posted on the Education Week website
Sunday Morning Townsquare – March 24 2012
This week on Sunday Morning Townsquare, Paul speaks with: George Lessens, WZZM 13 Meteorologist Gretchen Johnson, Pine Rest Mother and Baby Program Thanks for listening! George Lessens, WZZM 13 George and I chat about the young age he developed is passion for weather, some of the early weather events that piqued his interest, how weather predicting and reporting technologies have advanced in
Tonight’s Faith Hope And Love Songs A Tribute To Betty Ford The Mother, The Wife & The Friend
Join me tonight, Sunday evening, 7-9pm EST for Faith Hope and Love Songs on 100.5 The River.  Listen online too! Sunday, I will be honoring Betty Ford in my own little way and with poignant memories shared by her son Steve from the memorial service at Grace Episcopal Church in East Grand Rapids.  Over the past week or so if you've listened to me on the radio you've learned that I have always admi