Okay I know it's hot, 80+ degrees expected again today, but it is October and fall, and we know that winter is next in line with snow and all that stuff. But do we really want to think about snow just yet?

Sure, why not. We live in Michigan and the question comes up every year, when do we think we will have our first snowfall. Your guess is as good as mine. And what is considered the first snowfall?

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The National Weather Service says it is usually counted as the first one-tenth of a inch. But how much is that? They say just enough to stick on some grassy areas.

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On average it may be early November that Grand Rapids and West Michigan sees measurable snow. The lakeshore may be a bit behind us, actually, but November is typically the beginning of it all. There have been years when we did see some October snow, but I am thinking, no, that cannot happen. We are just moving into fall!

Another Winter Snowstorm Strikes U.S. East Coast
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Now if you are thinking Upper Peninsula, mid to late October could be the beginning. That is only a couple of weeks away. Oh my!

So, is your snow blower tuned and ready to go? Do you have that snow shovel handy and the ice melt close by? Are your snow tires ready?

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Now I'm depressing myself. That is unless I am a big skier, snowmobiler, have the sleds ready, and I can't wait to build my first snowman.

Wintery Weather In The UK
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Hey, we live in one of the most beautiful states in the U.S., and we choose to because we love all four seasons.

Suck it up and...Enjoy!


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