School uniforms always spark debate.

There are many arguments both for and against:  cost, effect on behavior, and effect on individuality are just a few.

Should students wear uniforms?





School uniforms and school dress codes both have their problems.

Dress codes with vague limitations can be difficult.  Sometimes the enforcement of vague rules is not consistent or does not make sense, like what recently happened to a 5-year-old in Oklahoma.

Uniforms can have enforcement issues too.  The issues may have more to do with the size of the clothes or whether or not they match the uniform.

There are reasons for and against both.

Reasons for student uniforms:

  • improve student behavior and focus
  • limits peer pressure
  • can eliminate gang colors
  • schools can more easily recognize intruders
  • reduces violence which comes from theft of designer clothes and shoes

Reasons against student uniforms:

  • limits individuality
  • can be expensive
  • may be uncomfortable

The pros and cons are of varying importance and some are not proven, yet most should be considered when making a decision about school uniforms.