Our Winter sure started off calm, but, boy, is it making up for it. Sub zero temperatures, over a foot of blowing and drifting snow has made life tough for many, that is except for  Marlene Downing.

Marlene is a self-proclaimed "tough old broad," and says this is the snow she was waiting for. Now, she's out snow-blowing her driveway, and loving it, even if she's 82!

WZZM reported her children and grandchildren have told her to stay inside and give up snow blowing. Marlene said, No Way!

Living in Muskegon, Marlene is known as the "snow blowing granny."

Downing says she loves snow blowing in part because it sounds like her Harley that she rides in the summer. Are you kidding me? Remember, she's 82! So far she has put more than 135,000 miles on the bike.

Happy snow storm, Marlene. In the Spring, your Hog awaits!

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