We all knew the day was coming when robots would take over.  No use fighting it.

Why not embrace it instead and take this opportunity to relax and enjoy summer?

Most are familiar with robot vacuum cleaners.  Some have heard of robot lawn mowers.  Many suspect that robots have been serving as high-ranking public officials for some time.

Now, robots are moving a step closer to completing the takeover.  Robots will now clean your grill too.

On the bright side, with robots taking over many of our daily chores (the scrub-you-in-the-bath/shower robot can't be far behind) it's going to be easier to find time to enjoy a beer this summer.

That's good news.  Grand Rapids is Beer City, USA.  More breweries continue to open across West Michigan and the entire state giving us plenty of opportunities to enjoy a cold one this summer.

Now, there's a new app to help get us around to all of the breweries.  MiBREW is designed to help you explore all of the great breweries we have in Michigan.  It still needs a little work, but it's a good starting point when you're looking for a new favorite in Michigan.

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