As we ease on into the official end of summer, we can all start setting our sites on fall and the Halloween season. The Mitten State is packed full of scares for the season and we thought we would showcase a list of some of the top creepy spots to create your own ghost fest.

The River Raisin Battlefield in Monroe:

The area was where one of the biggest battles of 1812 took place. Around 300 American soldiers were killed and hundreds more were wounded. Visitors have captured shadowy figures in doorways when taking photographs as well as multiple EVPs recorded in the area which contain moans and cries of agony and the sounds of a battle taking place.

Mackinaw Island:

This is one haunted island with over 100 ghosts reported taking us residence. From the Grand Hotel to Mission Point and the Perry Hotel, visitors report seeing figure and images from adults to children all with a story to tell and making the island one of the top paranormal hotspots in the state.

Felt Mansion in Holland:

Original owner Dorr E. Felt had built the amazing 17000 square feet mansion to raise his family in. Just after they moved in his wife died and left him heartbroken. He passed away just 18 months later. Visitors claim to see the couple roaming the halls, spending time in the ballrooms and opening and closing doors.

Detroit Masonic Temple:

Filled with things that go bump in the night, this eerie place has doors that are said to open and close on their own and roof doors have been said to swing open just moments after being locked by the night watchman. The building also is the haunting ground of the ghost of George D. Mason, the wealthy man who build the Masonic Temple and jumped to his death from the roof after he went bankrupt and having his wife leave him.

Traverse City State Hospital:

After operating at an institution for over 100 years, the unsettling vibe is felt by almost everyone that enters the ground. There are many reports of disembodied screams and voices echoing through the empty halls with lights turn on at off at random even though the electricity has been disconnected for several years. Stories tell of a disfigured, shadowy figure who is said to creep around the tunnels and basements. One of the most horrifying rumors is that some believe this is a portal to Hell located just under the so-called "Hippy Tree" which is located on the trails just behind the main building.

The Landmark Inn in Marquette:

Often cited as the most haunted spot in the state, The Landmark Inn was once a hot spot the celebrities and the well to do. The location has one highly active and notable ghost roaming its halls and making herself known. Referred to as 'The Librarian', her story is what many ghost stories are made of...a broken heart. It is said that the spinster librarian and a crewman fell in love in the early 1930s. The plan was for the couple to marry after his final voyage, but unfortunately, his ship was swept away and the entire crew was lost. The grief was too much and she died soon after, yet visitors claim to see her gazing out of the window of the Lilac Room up on the 6th floor. Inn workers have even claimed to receive phone calls to the front desk from the Lilac Room... even when it is unoccupied.

If you're brave enough and have the heart to handle the freight, be sure to plan a haunted tour around Michigan this season and enjoy some ghostly fun... or fear.

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