Enter at your own risk...

Haunted houses are one of my favorite in-person experiences of Halloween.

The act of being scared while walking through scary houses or mazes with friends and/or family sounds like a spooktacular time.

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If you are as unique as I am, check out these haunted attractions this season.

The Haunt (Wyoming, Michigan)

"A free nightmare with every ticket."

For over 20 years, The Haunt is West Michigan's "premier haunted attraction."

With one ticket, you can get a one-way pass to all of the blood-curling attractions.

  • Join a strange cult in Forsaken
  • An unknown disease has taken over in Aftermath
  • Disappearances are being reported at the abandoned Frenzy Circus
  • Tour an 'abandoned hospital" through the Aberration
  • There are things that go bump in the night under the child's bed in Tinkles' Torment

If this excites in the most haunting ways, The Haunt's opening night is this Friday at 7:00 PM.

General admission tickets are $30 and VIP/Fast Pass is $45 each.

Haunt Park: Psycho Ward Haunted House (Kalamazoo, Michigan)

Voted the #1 haunted attraction in Kalamazoo and Top 10 Halloween attractions in Michigan by MLive, it would be wrong of me to not feature this haunted house.

Western Harold even claims they "pissed my pants" when visiting Haunt Park.

With 4 different attractions, this is endless ways to get scared.

  • Psycho Ward

According to the website, Floyd Cranston, the state's most ruthless killer, is creeping around the psychiatric prison. Over a decade later, a horror show has caused Floyd to be a little more unhinged.

  • Nightmares

You are transported into a world with terrifying and uncontrollable undead figures.

  • The Mansion

The way the website describes The Mansion makes me want to grab a ticket.

"The Mansion is not for the faint of heart. The dead haunt the hallways and you never know what to expect around each turn of the twisted hallways."

  • Zombie Revenge

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, this might be the attraction for you.

Attendees will get 150 rounds to help get rid of the walking dead.

Ticket prices vary depending on which attraction you want to see.

  • $15 - Only one attraction
  • $20 - Psycho Ward & Nightmares
  • $25 - Psycho Ward, Nightmares & Zombie Revenge Shoot
  • $30 - Psycho Ward, Nightmares, Zombie Revenge Shoot & The Mansion

Witches of New Salem (Dorr, Michigan)

As someone who believes that staying out of the woods is the best for my mental health, however with this attraction I may change my mind.

"Take a stroll down one of the two paths in the Witches Woods. It's up to you on "Witch" path to take, whether you take the "twisted" or the "wicked" you will scream around every corner. If you are really up for a challenge, try the haunted corn maze. It will leave you out of breath as you crawl, walk or run your way through the twist and turns as you try to escape the crazy atmosphere. Come out during the daytime and enjoy our kin friendly activities, such as our daytime corn maze, which is void of ghouls. We have variety of family oriented fun for all ages."

Tickets are going for $25 per person for nighttime fun.

Abandoned Acres Farm Haunted Attraction (Sparta, Michigan)

If you are scared of clowns, this may not be for you.

However, who wouldn't want to experience a carnival-themed corn maze in 3D?!

  • Bloody Butcher Corn Maze
  • Big Top Terror Vision Corn Maze
  • Big Top Terror Vision
  • The Old Eli Experience
  • Haunted Hayride

Edson Incident (Bay City, Michigan)

This attraction was featured on Destination America's Ghost Asylum Season 3 and CBS' original Twilight Zone Season 4.

The Edson Incident is the ship of nightmares.

If you are willing to go to this haunted attraction, read these friendly tips.

Niles Scream Park (Niles, Michigan)

Voted as one of the top 31 must see haunted attractions nationwide by Haunted Attraction Magazine, the Niles Scream Park features 44 acres of fun and terror.

Their attractions are a Halloween lover's dream!

  • The Niles Haunted House
  • Sinister Streets of Salem
  • The Evil Estate
  • The Field of Screams
  • Dark Terror-Tory Haunted Hayride
  • Hooded (back by popular demand)
  • 5 new horror-themed Escape Rooms

Besides the fact that you will be living your best Halloween dreams, you will also be helping a good cause.

Since 1996, The Niles Scream Park has donated more than $2,200,000.00 to different local and national non-profit organizations.

In 2021, the park donated over $125,000.00 to charities in the area.

So buy your tickets for a scary yet fulfilling time.

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