Real quick recap – "Rob’s People" are dummies in the news; it’s usually some kind of dumb move or scheme that if I could see myself doing. Yes, I do a lot of dumb things, just not the criminal type; but still, they’re Rob’s People

So this "Rob’s People" story is right here in the Mitten State.  MLive is reporting that Michigan State police in Northern Michigan are warning people to be on the lookout for drunk door-to-door meat salesmen.

Apparently, there are two guys and the MLive story described them as:

"rough and scruffy." One has a dark complexion, is in his 50s and is heavy set. The other man is a white male with red-blond hair in his 30s with a medium build.

According to the story, they’re driving a small white pickup.  They’ve been working mainly up north in the city of Alpena, Maple Ridge, Lachine and Rogers City.

The "Rob’s People" part come in because while it’s not illegal to sell things door-to-door, these two guys have asked one house if one of them could use the bathroom, another place they stopped said they seemed drunk and one property owner had to escort them off his property. So they’re not very good sales people at all.

All the residents MLive spoke with also said the white pickup has some kind of shell on the back, but it didn’t look like a refrigerator unit, which means either the meat is going bad quickly or they’re just scamming you out of money.

On the real, police warn they may be checking your house for valuable so they can come back when you leave and steal from you. So if you or anyone you know comes across these guys or something similar, let your local police department know about it.