Parking your car in a tight space is mind boggling. You're in a parking lot or ramp, and that space you want to squeeze into is just that, a squeeze. Well, there is a new invention that could solve your problem. has a story about Chinese inventors who have created a $150,000 robot that could solve all parking problems forever.

The robot easily slides underneath your vehicle and lifts it up.

Guided by lasers, it then picks a convenient spot in the lot – even when the lot is very full – and places the car in the perfect spot. Check it out.



The device requires no tracks, can navigate the tightest of spaces, move in any direction and needs only two minutes to finish the job.

We probably won't be seeing these things in Grand Rapids in the near future, since most of these robots will be sold to companies and governments in big cities where there is already a big problem trying to fit everyone’s car into limited public parking lots.