This pandemic of COVI19/Coronavirus is probably the most daunting episode of our lives. Everything has been turned upside down. If you have kids at home, it's probably even worse. You may be working from home, and now you not only have to be your kids daycare, but their teacher too. HELP! Well, help is on the way!

Fox17 is reporting about a Virtual Parents Night Out. Okay, not quite a date night, but a chance for parents to get help in a few different areas of technology that I'm sure we all struggle with.

It's being put on by GR Kids and Comcast, and it's FREE! It will be a one hour event that will feature four digital rooms with discussions about online school work, managing kids usage, network security and fixing sluggish WIFI. GR Kids and Comcast want to especially help parents and "educate people and let them get even more value out of the products and services that they're paying for and relying on every single day," Comcast says.

The Parents Virtual Night out is next Tuesday, May 19, at 8:15pm on Zoom. You need to register so they can send you a link for the event. It's easy to link up. Go to the GR Kids Facebook page and you can sign up.

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