OWN has some of the best programming on television.  My fav's are MasterClass, LifeClass and Visionaries.  Hmm, there's a thread....I like to learn and I like to learn from others who are already doing it:-)   Last week at 8pm on Oprah Winfrey's LifeLessons, which happens to be one of the best shows on OWN; she shared some really beautiful moments that showed the unexplainable bond that we have with our animals.

She showed a little puppy who was deformed but had a real zest for life.  He adapted in a miraculous way and lived what looked to be a very happy life.

She showed a prisoner, who bonded and developed feelings of compassion and love for a puppy he cared for and trained daily.  Ultimately, the time came where he had to surrender the puppy to a soldier who needed him as a service dog.  It was touching and truly amazing to see a decorated soldier thanking a man behind bars for changing his life for the better.

And this video?  Well, Miss Oprah shared it last night.  Most of us have probably seen it once or a hundred times.  If you're an animal lover, maybe you cried.  And if you're still a skeptic of the "people/animal" bond,  go ahead and watch this one more time.  Maybe you'll find that you too feel warm inside, just like so many of us.

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