Oprah has apparently become a big fan of Grand Rapids. After making an appearance here for her first segment for 60 Minutes a few months ago (in which she called us "West Michigan nice"), Oprah was spotted in Beer City again on Saturday night.

The Mitten Brewing Co. posted a photo of Oprah with their owners Saturday with the caption, "Not bad for a couple of guys who were making beer in their garage 6 years ago."

Others then took to Facebook to announce their sightings:

Oprah told Fox 17 that she's back in town because the group of people that she had assembled for her 60 Minutes piece are still in connection with each other "even though they still disagree, but they have agreed to disagree and not be disagreeable, so that’s what I’m back here for."

The second floor of The Mitten was rented out for a private party for the group, and it turns out that Oprah is a big fan of both their beer and their pizza. She told FOX-17,

I thought the beer and the pizza was fantastic. And I had something called a cream beer? A stretch something? And I didn’t eat all day so I’d stay on my Weight Watchers points.

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