This past weekend, my wife, Kathy, and I decided to do a quick trip to Traverse City. After all, it's fall and we couldn't wait to see all the beautiful colors, the bay, Lake Michigan, all things northern Michigan.

This year has been just plain weird, and we found out the colors are just beginning. So, in the absence of a "colorful trip," what does man do? Turn to food!

The food scene is Traverse City, as in Grand Rapids, is a "happening place!" So many great places and chefs to discover. For Sunday brunch, we discovered the fabulous Frenchies Famous restaurant.

Andy Rent

Kathy knew that Celebrity Chef, Mario Batali, raves about northern Michigan (he lives there in the summer) and the wonderful food scene, and that one of his favorite places is Frenchies. So, off we went.

Andy Rent

Small in stature, okay all of four tables inside, but in good weather some on the back patio and out front, but long of creativity and deliciousness. What a place! Coffee, I need my coffee, is all fresh ground and french press, how yummy. Each and every dish is fresh, and individually prepared from scratch.

I had one of the Sunday specials, biscuits and gravy scramble. Two, just baked biscuits, Frenchies special sausage gravy with scrambled eggs in each biscuit and folded into the gravy. If I could have licked the plate I would have, but I'm not into tacky.

Andy Rent

Kathy went for the low and slow pulled pork sandwich on housemade focaccia with slaw. It blew her away. If you want to check out the menu, JUST CLICK HERE.

The next time you're in beautiful Northern Michigan, Frenchies is my 'great find' restaurant for you to try. But, remember, don't be in a hurry because it's a slightly small place to say the least, but well worth the wait.