Meet Isaac. Isaac is a non-verbal (meaning he does not talk) 8-year-old autistic boy. But just because Isaac doesn't speak, doesn't mean that he can't sing, which came as a surprise to his teacher one day. 

On his YouTube page, Isaac's music teacher says,

One day I was teaching a SPED music class, and he broke out in song, singing the Peabo Bryson Disney duet "Beauty and the Beast"! I was in tears! For several weeks, I tried to capture him singing on video, but he would freeze up. One day, he started singing Beabo Bryson's other Disney Duet "A Whole New World", and he was singing Acapella (with no music accompaniment)! I recorded him on my iPhone, took his recording back to my studio, and discovered that he was singing in the same key as the original version, but he had no music reference! He has perfect pitch!

The music teacher says that Isaac's regular teacher has now started singing questions to him and he will sing answers back to her.

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