For families with someone on the autism spectrum, this could be a huge help!

This Saturday, December 10th, the Target Store in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is doing their part to help families on the autism spectrum by hosting a quiet shopping event.

The two hour event which is happening between 6am and 8am, will offer dimmed lights within the store.  The music will also be turned off and there will be less store staff than normal, to remove stressful triggers that are often present when shopping with someone who is on the autism spectrum.

The event is a partnership between Target and a behavioral healthcare center in central Pennsylvania.

These quiet events are actually starting to get picked up by a few different companies including Chuck E. Cheese and Toys “R” Us who both held quiet events last month.

Is this something you would like to see happen around West Michigan?  What store or business would you like to see pick up the quiet event idea?

source: TheMighty

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