Long before I got in the radio business, I wanted to be an architect. ( I really wanted to be a rock star guitar player and professional hockey player. Those things require talent. ) Somehow, I wound up talking on the radio and appreciating building design and construction from the sidewalk. While in Detroit last weekend, I really liked the form/function of the Compuware headquarters. I walked over to Comerica Park ( Hockeytown Cafe, actually ) I don't know about you, but I think the Tigers went WAY overboard with the baseball theme of the stadium's exterior. Heaven help us if we ever change the team's name. Too many bats, balls and tigers for my liking. Here in Grand Rapids, there are lots of cool buildings -- new ones like Van Andel Arena and the new Children's Hospital. I kind of like the older, more historic buildings. I wish I would have visited this area back in the day when the old beer distributor building by the arena was in use. I like the gargoyles on some of the old buildings, too. I say that with an eye on some of what some call "the most beautiful" buildings in the world.