It's fun for me to be around my own kind.  We get each other.  Only within the last 15 years or so did I realize and begin to describe myself as an artist.  I've been one all my life.  I just thought I was different, and well, I am. But, it was much more than that.

About 10-15 years ago a General Manager told me me why he was hiring me.  He said I had one thing that the other 700+ candidates, some in major markets, others with as much or more talent than I had, did not have.  He said I was a "True Artist"; but he stretched out the "i" and made it into a long 'e."  Kind of how the French might say it!   Anyway, he saw that in me way before I did or at least I couldn't identify it.

Being in that environment tonight was just so refreshing.  While strolling around there was one artist I was talking to who said, "I'm not good with cameras."   I thought to myself,  "I so get that".  So, away it went into my purse.  Didn't need to explain it any further.  When I'm not wearing my "Kim Carson Hat", well, let's just say that I get it.

Then I was talking with the artist who painted the door on the MetaPhorest mural.  I told her I saw earlier, a little girl standing there looking up at the woman painted in the doorway.  It was adorable and kind of weird at the same time.  Someone got a picture of it!

I also chatted up Andi, who was one of the four artists, who from the beginning, conceptualized the MetaPhorest mural.  She shares where this idea came from and how they were able to capture what the WMCAT students wanted to say on this wall of colorful expression!


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