Yup, it's happening everywhere.  Why?  Because if you don't work through lunch with the work load Americans now have they'll still be at work during their family's dinner time.  Plus, lots of companies are so short staffed that they have no one to replace someone when they take a lunch break.

National surveys underscore this change.

Only a third of American workers say they take a lunch break.  The survey also found that 65% of workers eat at their desks or don't take a break at all.

Downtown restaurants are even noticing the change.  They said that they see more people are calling in orders for pickup.  Even on Fridays when traffic does pick up most of the time they're taking carryout.  I get it, because the only thing people want to do after working so many hours is just go home.

I always thought there was a law that required breaks. But it turns out that there is no federal law that requires companies to provide a lunch break, but 22 states have meal-break laws.

Experts say taking an uninterrupted meal break is healthy, increases job efficiency and improves morale, benefiting both employees and their companies. Research on creativity and productivity "shows a lot of good stuff comes about when employees get away from their work and their desks, and smart managers and smart companies find a way to make that happen."