Andy and I were talking about our cell phones this week on WTRV FM. Each of us decided it is no longer a phone. It is our umbilical chord to the world. I forgot my phone on Wednesday and felt naked without it.


More moms are tapping into technology to manage their lives and stay connected with loved ones. Disney Interactive Media Group's latest "M.O.M. - Mom on a Mission" study shows that 91-percent use a mobile phone, which is up eleven-percent in the past 12 months. Nearly two-thirds of the moms now text their husbands or partners at least once a week, and 53-percent use their phones to talk with their kids. Forty-percent rely on their phones to manage their calendars, and 44-percent are taking pictures with the device. The number of moms who are visiting social networks, browsing websites, and using mobile search engines has grown by at least 32-percent, with two out of five moms now taking advantage of these capabilities. But the biggest jump has been in the search for discounts and coupons. A quarter of the moms surveyed now use their phones to find ways to save money, which reflects an increase of 213-percent.

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