Watch out this Christmas if you're shopping on-line.  Hackers are everywhere and they're not only trying to scam you out of your personal information, but trying to break into retail sites you shop. And, it's not just your home computer.   The fastest growing hacked device this holiday season is the Smartphone!

That's right, your Smartphone, iPhone, Droid, and the like.  Hackers know that many of us are using our phones more to do personal business and shopping and they're trying to break in.

Of course Smartphone attacks are in their infancy compared to PC hacks, and they mostly come in the form of malicious apps for games, music and ringtones that phone users get enticed to download.  Surprisingly, Android phones seem to be the biggest target because of Google's open approach to letting third-party apps run on its operating system.  The Top 12 smartphone handset models most vulnerable to being hacked  were Android models, led by the Samsung Galaxy Mini, HTC Desire and Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.  The iPhone isn't immune, however.  Apple has some tight restrictions on downloading apps, but if you go for some 'free stuff' to get around it, you could be in trouble.

Just thought you should know.

Happy shopping, hopefully, safely!

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