Whether it’s because people are stupid, paranoid, or just plain bored, conspiracy theories are bigger than ever. 

In a quest to find out which ones are the most popular, US Direct used Google Trends to find out what the most searched conspiracies were in each state, and here in the Mitten State, we search about "The New World Order" more than any other conspiracy.

By the way, that is the number one conspiracy theory searched with 27 states looking for answers for it. If you're new to conspiracies, the New World Order conspiracy according to the site entails:

...proponents of the most-searched conspiracy believe that a militaristic, totalitarian government called the New World Order hovers just beyond the edge of the world’s notice, waiting patiently to seize international control. This theory often links the New World Order with Freemasons, Illuminati, the United Nations, the Bible’s Book of Revelations, and…the Denver Airport as a possible HQ? Any way you spin it (and there are lots of ways to spin it), let’s hope that this less-than-appealing Big Brother continues to stay away for the foreseeable future.

Along with classic, old school conspiracies like "Flat Earth", "Lizard People", "Chemtrails" and "The Moon Landing Was Faked", some new ones I've never heard of have emerged.

Like "The New Coke Conspiracy", which goes like this:

...the belief that New Coke was more than just bad marketing, and more likely a way to “replace real sugar with high fructose corn syrup,” an intentional marketing ploy, or a “coverup to remove coca to satisfy the DEA.” No matter the theory, it’s probably time to move on.

There's also the Tupac Conspiracy:

This may come as a shock, but according to the citizens of New Mexico, famed rapper Tupac Shakur didn’t die from several gunshot wounds in September 1996—in fact, he’s alive and well and kicking it in their home state. One New Mexico native is even making a documentary on the subject.

And the Deepwater Horizon Conspiracy, which is popular along the Gulf Coast:

On April 22, 2010, the offshore oil rig Deepwater Horizon suffered a catastrophic failure in the Gulf of Mexico and was lost to the sea. The disaster resulted in the death of 11 crewmen and an oil leak that lasted for 87 days and pumped 4.7 billion gallons of oil into the seawater. The event immediately sparked political intrigue, with conspiracy theories centering on U.S. President Barack Obama directing a special ops team to destroy the rig and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il sending a torpedo to take it out. Others claimed that eco-warriors were responsible for the spill, hoping to strike a blow to the oil industry. Theories hovering on the more outlandish horizon include the drilling waking up a long-since-buried UFO—which unleashed its wrath on the ill-fated rig—and the disaster acting as a cover up for chemical warfare.


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