Does success on the football field equal happiness for college football fans in Michigan?

Apparently not.

ESPN released a "ranking of college football fan happiness" for 128 schools. According to ESPN recent on-the-field results have a mixed effect on fan happiness.

The report considers six categories:

  • Program power
  • Rivalry dominance
  • Coaching stability
  • Recruiting trend
  • Revenue growth
  • Twitter buzz

I wish this report had come out a few years ago. Comparing Michigan and Michigan State results from then until now would be interesting. The Rich Rod era wasn't that long ago. The Michigan fans look happy in that photo, but they really weren't.

  • Michigan (22)
  • Western Michigan (45)
  • Central Michigan (56)
  • Eastern Michigan (97)
  • Michigan State (115)

Ohio State is number one and no one in Michigan is happy about that.

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