We all get hit with the sweet tooth and there are so many options to satisfy that craving. For me, it's cookies and/or ice cream... even better if the two are combined. OMG YUM! But before I salivate all over this keyboard...

The gourmet popcorn and snacks company, Funky Chunky, surveyed 3,800 Americans to find the "Official State Treats." While lots of states had answers like ice cream, brownies, and doughnuts... Michigander's favorite sweets are reflective of our wonderful state. And why wouldn't it be? We have so much to offer which is why our top 3 favorite sweet treats are:

  1. Cherries (35%)
  2. Mackinac Island Fudge (26%)
  3. Cider & Doughnuts (24%)

Does that not scream Pure Michigan or what?! Not surprised cherries is #1 considering we are a major producer of it and Traverse City annually throws a Cherry Festival. You can't visit Mackinac Island without seeing a fudge store on every corner, and going to a cider mill is a Michigan-must in the fall season.

What's your favorite from the three? Take the poll and let us know!

You can see the rest of America's favorite sweets below.

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