There's a delightfully fun genre of YouTube videos featuring people trying unfamiliar foods from different cultures. Sometimes the samplers find a culinary delight. Other times it's a spit-it-out failure.

Wonder what will happen with Europeans try fudge from Michigan's Mackinac Island.

From the TRY Channel, a group of people from Ireland got their first taste of Mackinac Island fudge. The taste test results, while mostly positive were somewhat mixed.

Before you watch the video, get ready for some fun with how Mackinac gets pronounced. Mack-in-ac, Mack-oon-ah, Mack-an-ah. But hey, don't worry, Irish friends, plenty of people from the States have no idea how to say it either.

The fudge samples come from the Mackinac Island Fudge Co. and include chocolate, Snickers, chocolate walnut and maple pecan.

The first sample is pure chocolate which some thought tasted like chocolate butter - which is kinda of spot on what it is. There was also plenty of confusion on what exactly "fudge" should actually be.

Snickers impressed the tasters with the incorporation of other elements like caramel and nuts. "That fu**in' smacks!" was a pretty good endorsement from one taster.

The chocolate walnut flopped a bit. Tasters grew tired of just chocolate and variations on chocolate. "I wasn't expecting a walnut to pop out here. That's a random one." Another said, "I think they're kinda the sh!ttiest of all the nuts."

Maple pecan got solid reviews, perhaps because it was a diversion from chocolate with one sampler saying "10 out of 10. 100%. You don't need any chocolate added to this."

Though fudge is dense and sweet and it got to one taster: "If I had to have that square I would probably vom."

And "I'd probably vom" is going to be the one thing I hope you take away from this video. What a great slang for vomit.

You may be surprised that peanut butter fudge wasn't sampled. After all, it's a popular flavor. But maybe not across the pond. Peanut butter is a staple American food that's seen as strange elsewhere. Check out some more:

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