Mackinac Island is famous for its fudge. If you visit the island without sampling some, you're doing something wrong. There are multiple fudge shops. With so many choices we need to know where to get the best fudge.

Who makes the best fudge on Mackinac Island?

It's a debate that could get ugly as many families have been loyal to their favorite fudge shop for years, even generations. They've been making fudge on Mackinac Island for a while. The first candy shop opened in 1887.

Most of the fudge makers add a little showmanship too. The first shop made their fudge on a large marble table for all to see. It's a tradition that continues today and many have followed suit.

If you didn't plan on buying fudge before arriving at the island, there's a good chance the fudge shops will draw you in as you follow the crowd and see how the fudge is made.

Many of the fudge shops also have ice cream, taffy, caramel corn (Ryba's is amazing), and plenty of other ways to have you considering renting a bicycle to burn off some calories via an eight-mile ride around the island. Your sweet tooth will agree that it's hard to go wrong, but it all starts with the fudge.

Vote for your favorite and check back for the winner on August 7!

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