A lot of people will take a part time job just to get health insurance, but this Michigan woman took it a step further. Her job's sole purpose is to cover in vitro fertilization costs.

Autumn Lucy and her husband wanted to have a baby, but they were having trouble getting pregnant, so her doctor recommended trying in vitro fertilization or IVF. But the thing is, the private insurance they were paying $650 a month for as small business owners didn’t cover IVF treatments.

In fact, insurance doesn’t cover IVF in most states and without insurance? It’s incredibly expensive. So Autumn did something unconventional - she got a job working 20 hours a week as a barista at Starbucks. But it wasn’t to save up for the treatments, it was for the benefits. After six months on the job, she was eligible for the top benefits package she chose.

Now Autumn doesn’t even get any take-home pay because all her earnings go to the insurance. But it’s giving her the opportunity to pursue her dream of starting a family, so it’s all worth it to her. She’s sharing her journey on TikTok to show others there are options for non-wealthy people to access what she calls a “life-changing treatment.” She’s on track to have her healthiest embryo transferred in April and she’ll be keeping followers in the loop on TikTok.

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