Especially when the game is called by two student announcers.

Full disclosure: I was a mud football star. In my short but mediocre high school football career, I stunk. But when the game was slowed by thick mud to match my lack of speed, I excelled!

Which is why I love this video from last week's 8-man football battle between Cedarville and Rudyard (where my sister lives!).

The game, improved greatly by wet snow and rain, became a slow slog that is glorious to watch.

It's a sad fact of life that much of football has been cleaned up by artificial turf, domed stadiums, and well drained fields.

Well, mud is still in plentiful supply in Michigan, so let's enjoy these two teams going after each other, old school style. To say that this game is heightened by the wonderful energy of the two students doing the play-by-play (and who sound like they're 12) is an understatement.

Promote these kids to the big leagues ASAP. I would LOVE to watch them call NFL games. Especially if they get to use what appears to be clips of their fabulous Rudyard High Pep Band going to breaks!

Do yourself a favor and fast forward to well into the second half to appreciate the full effect of the mud. About an hour and 26 minutes in is a great place to start.

At that point you'll ask yourself, how did that Cedarville player keep his uniform so clean?

Hats off to Barstool Sports for finding this gem. Their article on it is pretty entertaining, declaring:

I don't know much about the U.P. of Michigan other than the people that live there are called UPers (Pronounced: Yoopers), they are looked at as essentially wildlings by the fancy Michigan mainlanders, and I fucking loved them even before this video came out. Now they are my favorite group of humans on the planet because this video proved that no matter how bad things get, everything will somehow get better, even if it's in one legendary game that just so happens to be 8-on-8 because that's how the Yoopers roll that balances everything out.

Now, let us return to yesteryear, when even the pros played in crap weather.

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