This is NOT the way to impress the judge in a court hearing over your late child support payments. 

We've all gotten a little too casual during this pandemic, and court hearings are no exception.

Here's a Bay City man who showed up for a child support hearing without a shirt on. I'm assuming he had pants on, but I'm not gonna check on that.

Michael Wright was in court over his child support payments, and at 2:31 in the video below, he pops onto the screen waddling around his home without a shirt (at least). He probably also could have combed his hair, but that's just me.

The judge, the Honorable Joseph Sheeran, is not pleased with his choice of attire, and orders him to put on a shirt, which he does.  But it keeps getting worse, as the defendant is trying to care for a toddler while in the hearing, and get breakfast, which continues to draw the judge's ire.

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