Everyone gets a kick out of funny laws that happen to be on the books. Some of them are simple carryovers from a time long past, where things were simpler, or weirder, depending on your viewpoint. Some of these laws are just plain odd, and don't make sense.

Did you know it's illegal in Kalamazoo to serenade your girlfriend? Don't think you're going to be able to pull off a John Cusack-type romantic thing to save your relationship, because the cops can actually take you to jail if you serenade your lady.

In Wayland, feel free to bring your cow to hang out downtown, it'll only cost you three cents a day for your cow to be able to hang out with you downtown. This is an actual city law, apparently. Cows are cool.

The east side of the state has some really weird laws.

Think about what caused this law to be written: In Harper Woods, MI, it's illegal to PAINT SPARROWS AND SELL THEM AS PARAKEETS.  You know this happened at one point to cause this to become an actual law on the books!

If you were beginning to think Detroit wasn't too bad, think again. Some of the laws on their books are fruit-loopy!

Destroying your old radio is against the law.

A man is prohibited by law from scowling at his wife on Sunday.

If you're going to let your pig run free in Detroit, it damn well better have a ring in its nose!

As for state laws, check this out, apparently in Michigan, it's illegal for a woman to cut her own hair without her husband's permission. Which I guess lends ammo to her for that $200 hair appointment.

If you're on the dating scene, watch out. No man may seduce or corrupt an unmarried girl, or you could go to prison for five years!

There are some laws that are good, like it's illegal for a robber to file a lawsuit against you if they get hurt in your home while robbing it. That's a law I can get behind.

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