Now that firearm season is over and we have more data, the Michigan DNR is calling 2012 "successful".

The number of licenses purchased was up 2% in 2012 vs. 2011.

Check station activity also increased in the Upper Peninsula and southern Lower Peninsula.  Check station activity was about the same in the northern Lower Peninsula.

Deer were found to be in good condition.

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The 2012 firearm deer season harvest appears similar or up slightly compared to the 2011 season. Experiences can differ widely within regions. DNR biologists estimate the harvest, compared to 2011, was up perhaps as much as 10 percent across the Upper Peninsula and very similar to last year in the northern Lower Peninsula. Experiences in the southern Lower Peninsula varied widely, and harvest in that region is expected to be anywhere from 5 percent lower to 5 percent higher compared to 2011.

"Some hunters in southern Michigan saw substantially fewer deer compared to last year," said Brent Rudolph, DNR Wildlife Division Deer and Elk Program leader, "yet we had pretty good conditions for hunters to enjoy their time afield, and the overall attitudes of deer hunters around the state have been upbeat."

Hunters that do not receive a survey in the mail but wish to provide their hunting and harvest information may visit and select the Deer Harvest Reporting Form link.