Two brothers from Freeland, near Saginaw, shaved their long hockey hair off to help out their cousin.

Film student Chloe Bean has had alopecia since she was 8 years old. If you're not familiar with alopecia, it causes your hair to fall out. All of it. And for a young woman, it definitely could cause some issues with your self-esteem.

But not Chloe. Her loving family has stuck by her side and made her feel that everything was okay, and that what she was going through was just part of life.

In fact, Chloe has made her social media feeds about dealing with her disease, and showing how beautiful she can be even without hair.

Back in May, two of her male cousins, whose hair had been growing wild since the beginning of the pandemic, decided to use their their long growing locks and make a gift of their hair to Chloe, so she could fashion it into a wig.

So they shaved their heads bald and presented the locks to her. Chloe captured the process on her TikTok page, and you can watch the video of them giving up their long hair for her.


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