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Tonight on Jeopardy, a Michigan woman who is a badass when it comes to playing bar trivia will take on two-time champion, Kendra Blanchette.

Kate Freeman is really hoping that her ass-kicking bar trivia nights from back in her Ann Arbor college days will help her take down the current champ.

MLive recently talked with Kate Freeman about her experience being on the game show with the late Alex Trebek.

Kate Freeman:

It was really cool to get the behind-the-scenes view of how TV gets made and it was impressive to see how the crew adapted their practices and protocols to keep everyone safe and socially-distant while producing the show. Competing was equal parts thrilling and nerve-wracking. Getting that buzzer timing right is so much harder than it seems when watching at home. It really lived up to my childhood dreams of being on the show. I was honored to be able to meet Alex before his passing.

Freeman who currently lives in Los Angeles is a graduate of Lake Orion High School prior to attending the University of Michigan.

Watch Kate Freeman tonight on Jeopardy starting at 7 pm.

There's no way that I could ever be on Jeopardy, I'm straight-up awful at trivia. I'm terrible at bar trivia, Dumber Than The Show Trivia, and every other kind of trivia.

Good luck tonight Kate Freeman!

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