I remember hearing about this story a couple years back.  I didn't listen to the story because I just can't watch or hear about these things.  I know they happen.  I do what I can.  I donate money.  I spread the word.  But to hear the details, well, that is a bit much for me.  But, this is Hadley's Story. ps the animal lovers in Grand Rapids raised close to $10,000 in donations.  All they asked for was some help with Hadley's medical costs, and that was what GR raised!  Be on the lookout because Hadley has a book coming out too!  He tells kids how to treat little kitty cats so they will know it's not smart, to be stupid.

Here's today's interview.  See and hear how far Hadley has come!

Hadley and his mom stopped by the radio station this morning, along with Nikki from the Humane Society.  There is a big event that's going on in September and it will help to save more animals lives.  It's called Tuxes and Tennies. Get your ticket and come and join in on the fun!  Maybe Hadley will even be there to greet you.