Here's something I'd love to hear your thoughts on, but it's good news for Moms and Dads.  McDonald's is getting healthier for your kids.

Kids’ meals with apples and a smaller packets of french fries will be served up alongside menu items with less salt to McDonald’s customers in the coming months, after the company announced Tuesday its plans to provide more nutritionally-balanced choices.

It’s all part of the fast-food chain’s push to create more nutritious options for its customers, company spokespersons said.

Scott Olson

Getty Images News

McDonald’s automatically will include produce or a low-fat dairy option in its boxed kids’ meal choices by early next year, as well as reduce by 15 percent the sodium in its menu options by 2015, among other changes.

The move by McDonald’s, which has become a leader in moving from just burgers and fries to more nutritious fare like oatmeal and salads, comes as fast food chains face intense scrutiny from health officials and others who blame the industry for childhood obesity and other health-related problems.

What do you think?  Is this a good thing?  Maybe it doesn't go far enough?  Do you still buy "fast food," or not?  Let me know.