A Local television anchor says he and many others were sexually assaulted by a sports doctor.

According to WOOD, Fox 17 news anchor Mike Avery said former Ohio State University sports doctor, Dr. Richard Strauss, molested him during a physical while attending the university as a lacrosse player.

Avery was part of an interview on NBC News where he said, “I remember saying to one of my teammates afterward, I think I was just assaulted. That was the last time Avery talked about it until this interview.

Here is Avery's statement that was released by Fox 17:

“I never talked about this with anyone and carried it with me for more than three decades. I have two teenagers at home who will one day go off to college, and I need them to know it’s important to stand up for yourself when you are wronged. Colleges and universities across the country need to do better so that my kids and yours can go to college in an atmosphere free of this type of predatory behavior. We must do a better job protecting our children. I hope that sharing my story will contribute to making that happen at least in some small way.”

In the NBC News report, Strauss had committed over 1,400 sexual assaults and 47 rapes in his 20 years at the OSU as a sports doctor. Strauss killed himself in 2005 before he could be prosecuted.

I wonder why Strauss was able to commit all these assaults for so many years without being caught much sooner?

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