It's been super hot here for a while. In fact, I think we either set or tied the record for consecutive 90+ degree days! Thankfully, we got a break this weekend, but by next weekend, the heat comes back.

We're not the only hot spot in the state. Lake Michigan is super warm, too.

Fox17 reported the average surface water temperature was 75.3 degrees on July 9, setting a record for the month based on 26 years of record-keeping, a government scientists said.

The summer high is 75.6 degrees recorded in August 2016, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA.

Scientist Andrea Vanderwoude of NOAA’s Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab said this record will be broken this year!

It's the entire state as well. The air temperature in the Traverse City topped 87 degrees for 11 consecutive days, and that is very rare.

Here in Grand Rapids, the hottest it's ever been is 108 degrees on July 13, 1936, eight degrees hotter than the all-time hottest temperature ever recorded in Miami, Florida. By the way, just in case you didn't know, Grand Rapids is about 1,400 miles north of Miami.

July does seem to be the hot month for our area, because is was 104 on July 6, 2012.

Yes, obviously it can get cold here, too. We have had about a dozen days since 1892 when the temperature was -20 degrees or colder. Grand Rapids averages 144 days a year when the temperature drops below the freezing mark.

So, hey, bring on the warmth, and the warm waters of Lake Michigan. Nothing like swimming in bath type water.

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