Tesla, Newton's Cradle, Bert and Ernie, and a guy named Chris Boden; they belong together.

Chris is originally from Coopersville, Michigan and he is a twenty-something guy who has been described as a mad scientist!  I would concur.  You don't meet people like Chris everyday.  Well, at least I don't; and I meet alot of people.  This guy is a visionary.  He's a genius (and I don't use that word loosely.)  And I get it.  He wants to change the world!  You know what?   I think he is and will do it.

See, The Geek Group is a place for geeks.  It is also a non profit, where young bright minds can go before they head off to Junior High, High School, or College.  Think about it.  Where do all the talented, brilliant, curious,  original, inventive kids go nowadays to feed the geek in their soul?  In Grand Rapids, this is the place.  I do believe that a young, brilliant, mind, needs to be fed and stimulated so it does not explode on society, or implode on themselves.  This guy Chris, makes science, physics, all of it, easier to understand.  You can see some great things going on at The Geek Group on Leonard.  ps Thanks to Adam and Dave who gave me part of the tour.  Check The Geek Group out online and on their youtube channel. Yes, this technology, and these great minds, and maybe even the future, lies right here in Grand Rapids.

The Super Mario Brothers video is some fun stuff, but understand all the hard core technology is there  I think I might have buried, subconscious, geek tendencies myself because my excitement level there was off the chart:)  ps Chris would have to explain scientifically what is going on in the Mario Brothers Video but it was built by The Geek Group members and is pretty cool to watch.  The second video is my reaction shortly after arriving and seeing what I saw up close and personal.  I couldn't wrap my head around what I was witnessing; but again, amazing to see and feel that kind of energy harnessed in a room.  Yet, when it was over I was still alive and standing.  It was something!

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