A couple weeks ago I did a piece for WZZM13 and grNow.com.  I visited The Geek Group on Leonard Street.  For me it was exciting to know that all of that power and energy was being harnessed in a controlled enviroment and I could see and feel it and when it is released; and yet,  I was still standing when it was over.   Fun day!  The unedited version includes a comprehensive look at this local non-profit!  Reach out to The Geek Group Grand Rapids and offer monetary support at info@thegeekgroup.org ***please note name credits in WZZM video are incorrect.  Chris Boden, is the brunette who sets off the explosion.  Adam Bird, is blonde who gives the tour.

The Geek Group UNEDITED Part 1:

The Geek Group UNEDITED Part 2:

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