Have you gotten any calls with "911" displayed on the caller ID?

Kent County Police warn this is a new scam in West Michigan.

In a Facebook Post, police explain that some residents have gotten calls that appear to be coming from 911. The person answering is told a story about a loved one having been in an accident and then personal information is obtained.

Kent County Police say that if anyone from an emergency communications center were trying to contacting you, "911" would not be displayed on the caller ID. The call would appear to be coming from a normal ten digit number.

Here are some tips from Kent County PD:

• The only time that the digits 911 will show up as an incoming communication will be via a text.
• If you receive a call from someone who says that they are from 911 or other public safety department (police, fire, or EMS), ask them for the number they can be reached at and call them back.
• NEVER give your social security, credit card, or insurance information over the phone."

If you or someone you know has been scammed by a call like this, you should send a private message to Kent County PD.

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