Michigan State Police needs you to NOT call 911 when you see what Detroit Free Press calls a “rule-breaker” regarding Michigan’s “Stay at Home” order.

They say the emergency number is still in operation and is here to help when emergency services are needed, which include medical emergencies, homicides, burglaries, and other crimes, MSP Lt. Mike Shaw told Detroit Free Press.

"Other crimes" does not include calling because your neighbor keeps leaving or the lady at the store won’t back up 6 feet, even though you’ve sighed plenty of times.

"We don't want people calling to say they see people violating the 10 person rule or they aren't six feet apart or anything like that," Shaw said. "It is more for the normal emergencies, like someone is breaking into your house or there is a homicide or a medical emergency."

You also can't call because you can't spend one more mother bleeping minute with those heathens you once called kids.

MSP says If you do feel unsafe at work or believe your employer isn’t following the governor’s orders, call the non-emergency line the local police.

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