A Michigan mom is not happy after 911 refused to send help while her 2-month-old baby was locked in a hot car.

Lacey Guyton told CBS News that she and her daughter went for a visit to her grandmother's house in Waterford when her car accidentally closed (and locked) with her baby and keys still inside. While Guyton tried to break the window to get in, grandma called 911 twice. Both times, the dispatcher refused to send help because "the police and fire departments don't unlock vehicles."

The incident occurred last Saturday where the high was 84° in Waterford, meaning the temperature inside the car could've reached 100°, if not more. Guyton told CBS that she attempted to break the front window with asphalt but failed. Finally after about 10 minutes she was able to break the back window of the vehicle and get her crying baby out; who she says was dripping in sweat.

Since that unfortunate day, Waterford Police have issued an apology stating that while the dispatcher was correct, they don't respond for locked vehicles, help should have been sent for this particular situation. The dispatcher in question has not been back to work since and is expected to face disciplinary action. Staff is also going to go through more training should something like this occur again.

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